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4 Months


IPRMENTLAW is a medium through which the client endeavours to cover latest updates, judgements, blogs and contractual knowledge on the IPRMENT sector (Intellectual Property Rights, Media and Entertainment). The client was then on the lookout to establish a brand and for a portal to display the regular news. The brand identity package was preferred by the client.

It was in need of a logo, business cards and a letter head for their office needs. Along with these it needed a fast responsive website to present her updates online.


This project first focused on the logo and the choice of colour. The logo should be displaying the variety of social objects reaching into a human's brain. In the course of the iterations, the final design emerged as below.

After the logo and color scheme were finalised, first low fidelity, then high fidelity prototypes were created, the latter with the help of InVision. With InVision, you can quickly turn static images into prototypes, share them and get direct feedback. Prototypes are an important tool in the design process to get an early feel for the design and the user experience. The final prototype went through several revisions, but in the end provided a solid foundation to begin front-end work.

Due to the wide range of content to be presented along with good ability to customise the content, Bootstrap v3 was chosen as the front-end framework, wordpress/PHP for the back-end.


Iprmentlaw was given a custom built security to solve the problems of hacking on wordpress. For the items and buttons, I choose to have white and black colors in order to give the otherwise minimalist design a bit of "fresh" look. Thanks to Bootstrap, the website is displayed in a proper way on all end devices without losing any of its functionality.

IPRMENTLAW - Where IP meets media & entertainment

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