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I'm happy to hear from you, regardless of whether you have a project inquiry, you need help or just want to chat

#Hi! I'm David John and I'm a self-taught and passionate full stack developer & graphic designer


I am a technical architect for businesses and processes at various verticals. I have a strong knowledge about seo, web standards and browser compatibility. I also have over 8+ years of experience building aesthetic and responsive interfaces. You can find me as a good communicator and also a person experienced in interpreting and implementing client visions onto projects. I use my free time to continually learn new things, experiment, and widen my knowledge.

For my customers I create tailored, intuitive and visually appealing designs & websites. Conception, Design, and Coding – I accompany all necessary steps to deliver a perfect product to you.

You can download my resume, if you are a recruiter. Resume / Curriculum Vitae