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Prismic vs. WordPress

18-Mar-20203 Minutes Reading TimeCategory: General

Its a true statement

Prismic is a productive, enjoyable WordPress alternative for developers, it allows you to deliver rich designs using modern templating languages.

Are you a WordPress developer? Wondering what makes a more suitable CMS backend for you? has been built from the ground up to make website developers more powerful by boosting their productivity and creativity. Here we will go through the major differences between and traditional systems like WordPress.

Don’t hesitate to ask us questions through our chat support, your feedback is what allows us to evolve in the right direction!

#1. is much more productive

Working with WordPress often seems like creating hacks on top of hacks. This makes it very hard to bootstrap and configure. You end up spending all your time installing plugins and writing a mess of glue code. The problem is that the best parts of WordPress aren’t built into WordPress!

Now, we are free to develop using our favorite programming languages while enjoying all the benefits of a full-featured CMS. - Kevin Reese -New Relic

For instance, if you want to create anything beyond simple blogs, you need your content to include more than basic pages and posts. has got everything you need right out of the box. has custom post types built-in, including a wide set of field types for your modern, rich page layouts. Define custom types for pages, posts, events, authors, products, places, categories, …

This makes the developer’s job easier: define a custom type for your page, write content, download the SDK, and code your templates. No plugins to install, no database scripts to execute and maintain.

#2. supports modern templating languages

Are you fed up with the WordPress loop that ends up looking more like a plate of spaghetti? So are we, and that’s what inspired us to introduce a different approach!

The Wordpress loop is far from being an acceptable templating system and is too basic for real world websites.

There are a plenty of modern powerful templating languages nowadays, like Mustache, Twig, Jade (now Pug), to mention a few. So why reinvent the wheel ?’s approach is simple, it gives you pure content, and leaves it up to you to choose the appropriate templating language for your project.

Moreover,’s flexibility (with API-based approach) goes beyond just templating languages. integrates easily with any programming language or framework. If you need to build custom business logic for your website, simply choose your programming language and framework, and has got an SDK for you!

[Wordpress templating system] makes it hard for most themes to live on past their initial development. - Jared Novack -WordPress plugin developer

#3. offers a much better writer/publisher experience

Let’s face it, WordPress is approaching its 10th birthday and web products have completely changed in the last decade. Wordpress is lacking some fundamental modern editing and publishing functionalities. No built-in bulk scheduling? Really? takes the writing and publishing experiences seriously. Among the features, you’ve got a powerful revision history, batch scheduling for publishing a group of changes all at once on a given date, SEO customization, A/B testing and much more!

All these features are integrated into a modern simple design that is easy to understand for first timers!

My client is super happy with - The team learned to love prismic with almost no effort. - Thomas Carton de Wiart -Userscience

#4. is faster is built on top of the latest programming languages, frameworks and cloud technologies. This makes it way faster than WordPress for both the publishing backend and loading your websites!

It's not only faster, but also success ready! If your website becomes popular overnight, don’t worry, we take care of scaling your content and keeping it available for your users. We’ve got your back!

I need to ditch Wordpress for this! - James Ward -Salesforce

#5. takes care of upgrades, scalability and fixing security issues

Fed up with updating WordPress, upgrading plugins, backing up your databases and fixing security issues? is a platform, we take care of all of that for you at no additional cost.

#6. is more affordable

Maintaining a WordPress instance can be time consuming and costly. WordPress offers hosted managed instances, but this can be quite pricy. We think going pro shouldn't mean insane pricing.

With, you get a highly scalable, reliable, secure and fast infrastructure (the same that Amazon uses to run its own global network of websites). You also get a dedicated Content Delivery Network, and all at a much more affordable price:

#Conclusion is better for custom website development with rich design and modern technologies. is best if…

  • You have a custom design that requires a powerful templating language
  • You're concerned about speed, availability and security
  • You care about time to market and need to boost your team's productivity
  • You want to offer content writers an enjoyable publishing experience

WordPress is a better choice for you if:

  • You want to run a simple website, and you choose to deploy a ready theme with minimal changes
  • Pages and posts do the job for you, and you don't need advanced custom types
  • You're a DIY person and you master the WordPress plugin complexity
  • You want to extend the backend with custom functionalities through plugins
  • You're skilled at installing machines and manually upgrading software versions


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